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Common Error Responses

The functional OpenAPI specifications for each API define the specific error format and values returned. In addition to this, the table below gives common errors that may be thrown by the surrounding API framework.

HTTP Status Code Error Message Comments Sample JSON
400 Bad Request If the incoming request body or parameters do not conform with the OpenAPI/Swagger document which describes the API you will see this error. { “message”: “Missing required request parameters: []” }
403 Forbidden Missing authentication token or unsupported HTTP method (GET/POST) { “message”: “Missing authentication token or unsupported API method or resource”}
403 Forbidden Access denied { “message”: “Access denied”}
429 Too Many Requests This happens when the throttling limit of a client is exceeded { “message”: “Too Many Requests” }
429 Null This happens when the collective throttling limit for the API is exceeded { “message”: “null” }
502 Bad Gateway This can be returned when an unexpected error occurs with the service { “message”: “Internal server error” }
504 Gateway Timeout This happens when there is a network connection problem within the layers of the API fulfillment stack { “message”: “Gateway Timeout” }