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Hello World API v1.0.0

Example API allowing third parties to test connectivity with the DVLA

Click here to see this OpenAPI specification in JSON format.

Base URLs

Hello World

Get Hello

GET /v1/hello

Returns a hello world message.


Name In Type Required Restrictions Description
x-api-key header string true none API key used to access the service
Authorization header string true none Valid JWT token issued as a result of authentication against the API Gateway

Example Request

curl -X GET \
 -H 'Accept: application/json' -H 'x-api-key: string' -H 'Authorization: string'


Status Meaning Description Schema
200 OK Successful response. HelloWorldResponse

Additional common error responses are listed in the Common Error Responses page.

Example Response

200 Response

  "message": "Hello World"



  "message": "Hello World"


Name Type Required Restrictions Description
message string false none none